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13 July 2013
1:26 am
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When you’re meditating on a bridge at 12:30 AM and 3 white frat boys come up to you and start harassing you asking if you’re depressed or if you just got dumped, and you calmly look them dead in their faces and tell them that if they don’t get the fuck away from you in one second or less, you’re going to mace them all one by one and laugh while doing it.

Like don’t fucking speak to me. Ever. Unless you are literally prepared for what happens next. Which is me, ruining your life.

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    Aw, that sucks. Sorry! I remove my objection. Thank you for the context, please go ahead and ruin my life
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    Who is this jerk that cannot understand the fucking word ‘harassment’? Like, really. How many times does she have to say...
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    lolololololol YUP NO REPLY YOU’RE RIGHT
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    Sounds like polite inquiry to me. If I was the one hanging out on a bridge alone at 12:30 am I sure hope that someone...
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    Did you even see the reply the original poster gave you?? IT WAS HARASSMENT. Not just “Oh, are you ok? Yes? Have a good...
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    …you do realize they thought you were about to commit suicide, right? A person standing on a bridge in the dead of night...
  9. toadie-pie said: i fucking love you
  10. vitameternum said: BAM
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    Yep, that about sums it up. For most Tumblrites, “radical action” = “whinging on the Internets”, possibly with a side of...
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    TIL Having your life ruined = being whined about on Tumblr
  13. moon--cunt said: yes.
  14. esse-videri said: or maybe they were afraid that you were going to jump, if you were on a bridge in the middle of the night and they were asking you if you were depressed?
  15. oxycoccus said: lol which was the reaction? :o
  16. almendricita said: you’re my hero
  17. foxynonsense said: we.need.to.hang.out.
  18. mrs-rhettbutler said: You’re perfect.