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13 July 2013
1:49 pm
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Rolling my eyes so hard at everyone commenting on my post about the white frat boys. OMG THEY WERE JUST WORRIED ABT U THO STOP WHINING. Did I not say they were harassing me, aka taunting me, like literally not actually concerned with whether or not I was okay…It’s not like they were like oh this person is alone let me check on her. It was like lol look at this bitch sitting alone LOL SHE MUST BE DEPRESSED LETS MAKE FUN OF HER FOR BEING IN “BREAKUP CITY”.

you’re all ignorant little shits, lol.

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    Lol people’s more concerned about white boy feelings than the fact you were being harassed. Smgdh.
  2. verdemamba said: This is why girls should be allowed to carry sawed off shot guns
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